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PureFit's Natural, Unsweetened Pure Whey is a protein module with 80% high concentrated protein, bursting with all important Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). It is an instantised, soluble milk protein with excellent solubility and enhanced dispersibility. Excellent for muscle building!!

Pure Whey Protein Usage

What separates PureFit's Pure Whey Protein from the market is that it's using the purest grade of Ultra-filtered Whey Protein Concentrate with 80% protein concentration (while some whey protein concentrate in other brands can be only 34% concentration). PureFit's whey protein undergoes a low temperature ultra-filtration process, allowing immune-enhancing whey protein fractions to remain intact and undenatured.

No Filler Ingredients

PureFit's Pure Whey Protein is formulated with Grass-fed Whey Protein sourced from New Zealand and it's one of the cleanest and purest whey protein powder in the industry. It contains zero unnecessary fillers, zero banned substances, zero proprietary blends, zero protein / amino / nitrogen spiking and free from hormones /rBST / antibiotics to ensure our quality commitments are assured.


What you see in our ingredient list is what you get. There are no hidden recipes and no surprises to what you will be consuming.

Great ingredient

  • Pure premium whey protein concentrate from fresh pasteurized milk
  • Aids muscle size growth, definition & recovery
  • New Zealand origin
  • Grass-fed dairy
  • Low carbs & fat
  • 80% protein content per serve
  • Non-GMO
  • For controlled weight loss
  • Vegetarian friendly


Direction for use

According to needs, add one or two scoops of PureFit Whey into a 220 ml glass of plain water, milk, fruit juice or other drinks in the morning, before bed or right after workout.


Ingredient list

Whey Protein Concentrate (sunflower lecithin is used to instatize the protein powder).



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