Our protein are from New Zealand where the cows have a diet comprised predominantly of grass, which produce superior milk, and hence high quality whey protein and milk powder compared to grain-fed cows. Coupled that with a high value per kilogram of protein, you get a lot more for what you pay!
Yes, we are. Promac, the company from which we get our whey, are halal-certified.
Each serving has 16-32g of protein.
Contrary to popular belief, you are not limited to take the whey protein directly after workouts. You can consume the whey protein any time of the day as it is your daily protein intake that matters.
Depending on your daily protein intake needs, we recommend you to take 1 to 3 servings per day. Do take into consideration how much protein you'll be consuming through your daily food intake.
Taking Purefit whey would help keep you full for a longer period of time and help reduce your need for additional consumption of higher calorie items. With a calorie deficit in your daily calorie burn, this can help with your weight loss goals.
For West Malaysia, the rates are
0.1kg-0.9kg = RM6
1.0kg-2.9kg = RM10
3.0kg-5.9kg= RM15
6.0kg-7.9kg = RM17

FREE DELIVERY FOR ORDER ABOVE RM200 (excluding East Malaysia)

For East Malaysia, the rates are
0.1-0.9kg = RM10
1.0kg-1.9kg= RM20
2.0kg-2.9kg = RM35
3.0kg-3.9kg= RM42
4.0kg-4.9kg = RM50
5.0kg-5.9kg = RM60
We're currently shipping to regions within Malaysia only. If you wish to order in from other parts of the region, do contact us.

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